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Our mission

It is our main mission to satisfy all the needs of our partners. Our products are always machined with care, on which we put great emphasis.

In the future we plan to form long-term connections with new partners by proving our knowledge. By continuously improving our machinery, we provide full service to our customers.

About us

Our Company was founded in 2015, which in the beginning served as a part-time job. It quickly outgrew itself, owing to the increased amount of requests, now we can fully focus on our partners. We machine our products with 20 years of experience, the purpose of our continuously developing machinery is to serve all the needs of our customers.

 Proving our successes, we further improved our Company in 2018/2019. We now can help our customers from the beginning of the design process with our Siemens Solid Edge system. Our quality assurence investment helps us create our products with high precision for our Customers. This process is supported by our newly bough Aberlink Axiom Too 3D CNC measuring instrument.


Since the foundation of our company we are continuously developing, now we have 12 machine tools, among which 4 CNC turning center and 3 CNC machining center. This year we moved our machinery to a new plant.

Mihály Szabó - CEO


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Szabó CNC

Address: 6786 Ruzsa, Dózsa György utca 14

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